Christian Comments, August 2017

I read recently in a disagreeable rag owned by an antipodean that people, including atheists, find it way easier to distrust people who have no faith than those that do. This is really interesting because most people extend this to assume that obviously, whilst they do not trust people who have no religion they also place them into the same category as psychopaths and murderers who, it is also assumed have no religion.
Religion therefore is thought to be what gives a person the internal component of morality – religion is the site of the moral compass, the place where our ethical world view is located, and the place that helps us navigate the ethical dilemmas of everyday life. It also informs how we respond to other people, those around us and how we approach life in all its glory.
The scientist who conducted the experiment concluded that this assumption is false, however. He did so because he thinks in the modern world there is a Social Lag – in that religion has left an indelible mark upon society. Society has moved on, but somehow a religious moral shadow remain hard to extinguish. He also concluded that a psychotic murderer is no more or less likely to have religion than not – although I do wonder if psychopaths are really proof of anything? I have met a few, and ‘moral compass’ was not what I was thinking when I met them!
What I do know is that Jesus, if He is in your life – is your Moral Compass. It is impossible to do anything, see anything, say anything without a knowledge of whether it is adding to the Kingdom or detracting from it. There is nothing you can do without Him, He is in the very fabric of your being. That might sound a little scary, or even simplistic, but it isn’t, as we all know Jesus’ burden is light (Matt 11.30). Jesus – everything He stands for, everything He said, everything He ever did/does comes from a limitless deep pool of love, God’s love – for all humanity. If we all did indeed have a religion, true religion there would only be peace and tranquillity, no more hunger, war, violence persecution….but then that would be Paradise, would it not?